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Vermont Primary Care Sourcebook

The Vermont Primary Care Sourcebook is Organized by Three Guiding Principles:

Increase Access, Manage Cost, Improve Quality  


2018 Vermont Primary Care Sourcebook


Table of Contents: 



Table of Contents

Bi-State: What We Do

Vermont Public Policy Principles, Priorities & Strategies

Ten Critical Points to Transform Vermont's Health System

Member Map

Member Contact List

Member Sites By Organization

Member Sites By County

How Health Centers Increase Access

Vermont FQHCs Growth Since 2000

Member Health Centers & Clinics Coverage

Planned Parenthood of Northern New England

Coalition of Clinics for the Uninsured

Rural Health Clinics: Ensuring Access

Area Health Education Centers 

Teleheath in Rural Areas

Migrant Farmworkers: Partners Working in Collaboration

How Health Centers Manage Costs

Sources of Revenue for FQHCs

FQHCs Benefit Their Communities and the State

FQHCs Manage Costs

Community Health Accountable Care

How Health Centers Improve Quality

FQHC Youth Programs

Health Centers Recognized as Patient Centered Medical Homes

Fully Implemented Electronic Health Records & Attesting for Meaningful Use

FQHC Federal Requirements

FQHC Sliding Fee Scale

FQHCs Ensure Access in Their Communities

How Many Patients FQHCs Provide Care To

Vermont Member Legislative Representation List

Service Area Payer Mixes for FQHCs & Non-FQHCs 


The Vermont Primary Care Sourcebook is produced and published by Bi-State Primary Care Association

Copyright January 2018