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The National Health Service Corps continually seeks primary care clinicians dedicated to working with our Nation's underserved. They have created a program to connect these committed individuals with the communities that need them and to support them during their initial time of service. Fully trained health professionals, who are dedicated to working with the underserved and have qualifying educational loans, are eligible to compete for repayment of those loans if they choose to serve in a community of greatest need. In addition to loan repayment, these clinicians receive a competitive salary, some tax relief benefits, and a chance to have a significant impact on a community.


As an National Health Service Corps clinician, you will:


Serve on an interdisciplinary team.

NHSC promotes a team approach to health care. Our primary health care teams comprise interdisciplinary groups of clinicians whose combined skills maximize the team's ability to meet their patients' health care needs. Team members vary based on the specific needs of each community.

Focus on community-based health care.

Practicing with a community focus, NHSC clinicians treat the whole patient through health promotion, disease prevention, and continuity of care. Receive the support and assistance you need to fulfill your career goal of helping communities in need, including job placement assistance in underserved communities.


Eligibility for the Loan Repayment Program (LRP) requires you to be a fully trained:
Allopathic or osteopathic physician specializing in family medicine, general pediatrics, general internal medicine, general psychiatry, or obstetrics/gynecology; Primary care nurse practitioner; Primary care physician assistant; Certified nurse-midwife; Dentist; Dental hygienist; or Mental or behavioral health professional (clinical psychologist, clinical social worker, licensed professional counselor, marriage and family therapist, or psychiatric nurse specialist).


Eligibility for LRP requires that:

You are free of judgment liens arising from federal debt;
You have no other existing service commitment;
You serve full time (40 hours a week) or part time (20 to 39 hours per week) in the clinical practice of your profession;
You commit to providing primary care service in a priority health professional shortage area for a minimum of 2 years; and
You are a U.S. citizen with a valid, unrestricted license and/or certificate for the state where you plan to practice.


Part-time clinicians are eligible for an award of up to $60,000 in loan repayment for the required initial 4-year part-time service commitment and may be eligible to continue their loan repayment beyond 4 years if they have unpaid qualifying educational loans and continue to serve at an eligible NHSC Site. Part-time is defined as providing clinical care 20 to 39 hours per week. A minimum of 16 hours must be spent providing direct clinical services and patient management for a minimum of 2 days per week and for no more than 12 hours per day. Direct clinical services are defined as conducting health assessments, reading x-rays, interpreting lab results and other studies, and making follow-up telephone calls to patients.


Full-time clinicians are eligible for an award of up to $60,000 in loan repayment during the required initial 2-year full-time service commitment (or the outstanding balance of qualifying student loans if it is less than $50,000). Full-time is defined as providing clinical care at least 40 hours each week, with at least 32 of those hours in the ambulatory care setting. (Except obstetricians/gynecologists, certified nurse-midwives, and family practitioners who practice obstetrics on regular basis, who must work in outpatient clinical practice at least 21 hours per week with delivery and other clinical hospital-based duties making up the remaining 19 hours). Upon completion of the initial 2-year service commitment, with amendments to their contract clinicians could receive:

Up to $100,000 in Loan Repayment for a total of 3 years of service
Up to $140,000 in Loan Repayment for a total of 4 years of service
Up to $170,000 in Loan Repayment for a total of 5 years of service
Up to $200,000 in Loan Repayment for a total of 6 years of service
For service for the 7 years of service and beyond, a clinician could receive up to an additional $20,000 for each year of service


Clinicians choose their practice site before applying to the NHSC Loan Repayment Program, allowing maximum flexibility to match the right clinicians with the right communities. However, employment at a site does not guarantee participation in the NHSC Loan Repayment Program.

To request an application, call 1-800-221-9393. For more information about the National Health Service Corps, please visit the NHSC website at http://nhsc.hrsa.gov.